February 21, 2011

New Post

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I hate starting out to write a new blog post without having any idea what I’m going to say.

OK, I just thought I should get that out of my system now, because I really don’t know what I’m going to say. See, it starts when I open my laptop. Email, check. Other people’s blogs, check. Then what? Oh, maybe I’ll check on the ol’ weblog. See if it’s getting any views. So I click on over there and, lo and behold, views! Up to 3 a day, actually. (Okay, it’s impressive for ME!)

But my loyal followers won’t be satisfied if I don’t post, now, will they? Especially since I just posted a few days ago… expectations are high. If I don’t post now, soon they’ll be knocking at my door, holding pitchforks and lanterns. (Never mind that most of my followers actually live in the same house as me.) So I hit the “New Post” button. And a frighteningly huge blank text box pops up in front of my face.

I don’t think people suitably respect the power of a blank sheet of paper, text box, or slate in today’s society. All this pressure! What to write? It must be interesting, engaging, with just the right touch of humor… a collection to make even the most accomplished college-entrance-essay-writer gag. So I am faced with the open-ended white space. There is the promise that if I hit the “Enter” key enough times, this space will go on forever. I would point out that although this is an intriguing concept, it’s a waste of computer memory and a waste of photons. Also, you might get repetitive motion strain.

So I’ve got this blank text box, staring at it intimidatedly and pondering the many dangers of repetitive motion strain. (You know, like when kids text too often and their hands start to… whatever.) And I’m gazing around my room wondering if inspiration can be found in any of the dusty shelves and random stuff lying around. Which reminds me of that time I blogged about all the random crap in my room, and how that was actually a pretty decent post. Which leads me back to how people will have high expectations of me. And before you know it, I’ve written enough words to qualify as a whole post without actually having to think anything beyond what I was already thinking. Isn’t that a nifty trick?


February 15, 2011

A Good Night’s Sleep…

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…is something I have most definitely been lacking recently. To explain why,  let me fill you in on some of the strange stuff that’s been happening around this place.

Yesterday it began to storm as I was at recorder. Lots of fun wind and rain. Made my hair huge. So naturally, our house sprung a leak. (My house is nearly 100 years old. Give it a break.) Of course that leak had to be outside my bedroom window. Not into my bedroom, mind you; my life isn’t quite that awful. No, through the section of roof outside my window to the living room below. Which is nice because it means that my stuff didn’t get rained on all day. But it did mean that we had to put plastic bags outside my window to “stop” the leak. I don’t know how well that worked out. I’ve been pretty determinedly not paying attention. (After last month’s drainage fiasco, I’ve learned it’s best to stay out of this sort of thing.)

So, plastic bags + wind + rain = I’ll let you guess. No, I won’t. I’ll give you some choices. So, the situation that I described above would result in noises comparable to those of:

a) A midget army trampling across one of those compostable Sun-Chips bags that crinkle like nobody’s business.

b) A very strong vacuum cleaner sucking up a machine that produces white noise that is, naturally, breaking because it’s being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. Duh.

c) Fingers tapping across a keyboard without actually typing anything, which is the most annoying habit a person can have, and one of the worst sounds.

d) The National Let’s Wrap Ourselves In Wrapping Paper Society having a low-key get-together* with the Potato Chip Bags Association and the International Assembly of People Who Run Leaf-Blowing Machines.

If you guessed e — all of the above — you were right! You’ve won a free bag of potato chips, vacuum cleaner, white noise machine, keyboard, roll of wrapping paper, and a leaf blower**.

* There are several things wrong with this phrase. Firstly, most parties billed as “low-key get-togethers” are NEVER as chill as they would have you think. People always get excited and stay up until 5. Whenever someone invites you to an “all-nighter over-caffeinated pillow-fighting silly-string bonanza” you can be sure that everyone will get tired and fall asleep before 9. Actually, I just wanted to say that. There’s nothing wrong with the phrase “low-key get-together” except that it sounds suspiciously like ” over-the-hill hippies hang out, get high, and talk about the old days”. If you say it reallly slowly.

** Not really.

August 4, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered why…

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… I haven’t been posting, let me explain. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to discuss. It’s summer. What do you expect? Not that any of you care/have wondered/are satisfied with this answer/are not annoyed by me. Really. Let’s just accept that and get it over with.

To give a more complete answer, I have been packing/unpacking/writing packing lists/helping my siblings pack for virtually the entire summer. First off to Jackson Hole, WY — my family is obsessed with visiting ski resorts in the summer, for some reason. Tomorrow we’re leaving for New Hampshire. Those of you who’ve paid attention will know that we went last summer as well, and I went to horse camp. (The answer to your unspoken question is yes, I will be going again this year. I am very excited. Thank you for your inquiry.)

I’ve done significant amounts of laundry and dishes as well. The mundane aspects of my life really don’t deserve to be here, yet here they are. I need to fill space; can you tell?

I’ve been riding a bit to get up to speed for riding camp — learning to canter, which is very exciting. Now I’m basically as good as I was last summer (before I took the whole school year off) and am ready to really improve at camp. 🙂 Don’t I sound happy, driven, and successful? Colleges like that, you know.

Speaking of college, I had the randomest conversation with Mom the other day: “Hey, what college do you think you’ll go to?” “…” “Would you go to Swarthmore?” “Maybe…” “What colleges do you like?” “I don’t really know… it’s not something I’ve been thinking about.” “Hmmm…” So I’ll leave you with that as your postly food-for-thought: What colleges do you like? Where would you like to go/have gone if you could choose? And <sarcasm> most importantly </sarcasm> what college do you think I should go to?

I have to go to laundry now. Such is the mundaneness of my life.

June 24, 2010

Summer: Anticlimax of the freaking CENTURY!!!

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The title pretty much says it all. Summer this year has been anticlimactic, and this is why:

1) When we returned from Vietnam, we were already basically in “Summer Mode” — the mindset of summer.

2) Since it was technically still the school year, “School Mode” — the mindset of the school year — became the same as “Summer Mode”.

3) The transition from “School Mode” to “Summer Mode” was then anticlimactic because “School Mode” and “Summer Mode” are the same.

4) Now we feel like it’s still the school year, and therefore summer is also anticlimactic.

5) How lame.

There you go. The whole thing has been summarized in five easy sentences. Another list — I’m on a roll, aren’t I? Lists, lists, lists! Summer is always all about lists. There are packing lists, to-do lists, things-I-will-do-this-summer lists, grocery lists… I guess even that was a list. They’re unavoidable.

June 13, 2010

Predictions for the Future

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Some random foresights I have had:

1) “Down with Conformity” T-shirts will become so popular, they will become an ironic symbol of conformity.

2) When we look at the Internet, we will not be able to tell the content apart from the ads apart from the URL bar. Wait, that’s already happening.

3) The “blog” will slowly become obsolete — so slowly that no one will notice, and millions of people will continue to use an obsolete form of communication. Oh, that’s already happening too. Never mind.

4) Black will be the new black.

5) XKCD will become a network (a la I Can Haz Cheezburger), become a franchise, and be bought out by Google. Not necessarily in that order.

6) The technology that fish use to get oxygen out of water will become widely available. We will have gills that can be turned on and off at the touch of a button. Eventually we — like the fish before us — will all die from sewage inhalation.

April 18, 2010

Vietnam… Tonight (thus, hiatus)

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Tonight I’m leaving for Vietnam. There’s really only one thing I can think right now:


because it’s such a huge part of my life, you know? It’s something that I have been anticipating for years and planning for months and packing for for weeks. And now it’s very imminent. Very.

There’s surprisingly few things I still have to do to get ready now, T minus 8 hours, 10 minutes and counting. Mom and I went on a powershopping trip this morning to pick up a few things I still needed. We picked up some books (a smaller copy of Gone with the Wind, 2010, and assorted poetry books) and magazines (Easy, Fast and Fun Variety Puzzles; Psychology Today; and Discover: Brain) at U Bookstore, then over to U Village for various randomness including but not limited to Dramamine, water sandals, and gifts for our penpals in Vietnam. At Noah’s Bagels, Mom and I answered the trivia questions correctly and won a free bagel (yes!) and Mom also got me a thingy full of Bagel Bites for the plane. Yum-tastic!

The real point of this blog post, though, is to announce that I will be going on hiatus until I get back from Vietnam on the 14th or 15th of May. I’m not entirely sure I won’t have access to a computer in Vietnam, but I’m not sure that I will either. So I’ll just tell y’all that I’m taking a break, and maybe I will and maybe I won’t post anyways.

It’s about dinnertime, so I better go. We’re having breakfast for dinner in recognition of the fact that when it is six o clock in the evening (about dinnertime) here, it is eight o clock in the morning (about breakfast time) in Vietnam. Bacon and coffeecake…. yum yum yum.

April 14, 2010

When the world ends…

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… it’ll be a really interesting experience for everyone on it. I mean, when the world ends, will the universe end as well, because there is no longer a point? Or was there never a universe? Aah, whatever. Like it really matters, ’cause we’ll all be dead. Ha.

It’s spring break, which means that I get to become a lazy couch potato for about a week. Then on Sunday (oh, wait, technically it’s Monday) me and Dad leave for Vietnam with the rest of my class on the Global Field Studies trip, which is going to be about 4 weeks of hardcore culture-ness. Without our little portable music devices… what will I do??? I’m going to go insane. But other than that little issue, I think the Vietnam trip will be fun. Mostly.

So in the meantime, I’m just chilling.  Hanging out, waiting for exciting things to happen, wondering when I’m going to get around to getting those pants I need for Vietnam… it’ll happen eventually, I’m sure. It feels like summer here already, at least it does right now; the weather has been very on-and-off lately. In other words, when the weather’s nice it is very very nice, and when it is bad it is horrid. It makes me wish it were summer already. Sigh.

You know what I want right now? A jelly bean. Just one. I’m gonna go get a jelly bean.

April 12, 2010

‘S Been A While… Or Has It?

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I mean, compared to the multi-month intervals we used to see between blog posts, this is actually pretty good! Right? Right? Whatever, it’s not that big a deal. So, moving forward.

Day before yesterday, I spent about an hour on a nice long post, which WordPress then deleted. Which BOTHERED me in this fundamental sort of pissed-off way, so I turned off the computer. Looking back, this doesn’t seem like the most logical response… still. All this is to say, you were supposed to get another post the day before yesterday. It just didn’t work out. Man.

I’m going to Vietnam in LESS THAN A WEEK. 168 hours from now, I will be on a plane. (cue low, long scream) And I’m kind of stressed, because I still have to get good pants for the trip, but actually not as nervous as you might think. Because I’ve read the itinerary, packed my bags (mostly), and we will be more-or-less sticking to the itinerary, and God can handle the rest. Actually, sudden itinerary changes do sort of throw me off my game. Some people can just deal with it and move on, but I get this twitchy feeling that’s annoying, so I always try and know what’s going to happen in advance. My little brother is the same way, but I’m better at dealing with it than him. Hahahaha….

I’ve also created a songbook with the lyrics to many, many songs in it (56, to be exact). This way, when I’m in Vietnam and am not allowed to listen to music, I can read the lyrics and sing them so I won’t go into total music withdrawal. I’m aiming to get 92 songs in there by the time I leave. Using my method of typing up songs, printing them out, and gluing them in rather than old-fashioned writing them into the notebook everything goes a lot faster, so I bet I can get it done. Maybe. Oh well.

Additionally, Mom got me multiple library books that are all due while I’m in Vietnam, so I have to finish them by the time I leave for Vietnam. Arrrgh. I’ve only started reading one of them (“Beautiful Creatures”) which is okay, for a dumb teenage monster-romance. Because it references Gone with the Wind a lot, I’m going to read it anyways, because I love Gone with the Wind. The only other one I’ve started reading is “Refusing Heaven,” a book of poems by Jack Gilbert, which is incredible. Oh my God, brilliant poet alert.

Seeing as how I have nothing on the calendar between now and 4:00 on Tuesday, I’m gonna go vegetate.

April 5, 2010

Life is Actually Pretty Good :)

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So I know it’s been, like, two days since I last posted, but seriously? It has been hardcore relaxation. Hardcore, man.

Easter Sunday: the morning was spent doing Eastery things like baskets and brunch and an egg hunt. My mom’s cousin and his family came over and hung out. Even though none of us had met (ever) except for Mom and Tim (her cousin) it was awesome. Lots of fun. They had to catch a flight, though, so we surrendered them to Sea-Tac International Airport. I think I would have won the egg hunt if we were counting, too, so all in all a good morning, leading right into…

…an afternoon of intense Seder preparations. I made matzo ball soup (yum) and chopped up some potatoes for roasting (double yum) and Mom made fluffy souffle stuff with carrots that tasted a bit like pumpkin pie (triple yum). Also there was pot roast. And sparkling cranberry juice for us underagers, who can’t have real wine for the four cups. Sheesh. After the Seder I helped Dad do dishes and we had a really interesting conversation about zombies. Did I mention my family is really strange?

So yeah, that was Sunday. But Sunday was yesterday, today was Monday, what’s going on, why am I blogging about something that happened in the distant past, what  is the meaning of life, aaaaaaahhhhhhh. The universe is exploding. (Hey, it’s gotta happen sometime.) Today — Monday — we went on a field trip to the U Village which was absolutely awesome. We were there to film a movie for math, which was exciting. I got to be an Oompa-Loompa and walk around eating a bowl full of Red Mango toppings, which we filmed me getting from a very weirded-out but nice woman. Which was AWKWARD. But fun… heh heh.

My group finished filming about two hours before we had to catch the bus back to school. So we got to hang out for a while, which was awesome in a big way. We got lunch (pizza from DelFino’s, yum) and candy (gummi worms and mini Swedish fish from the Confectionery, yum). Then basically we hung out and gossiped and occasionally tossed around the idea of going into a store, but rejecting it in favor of traditional laziness. Then at 1:00ish we walked over to the bus stop, and rode the bus back to school. Fun.

Exhausting day, and I still have to practice recorder. Got this absolutely incredible Telemann sonata in F minor, four flats, and oh my God. So much fun. So I’m gonna go practice. Bye.

April 3, 2010

(can’t think of a good name for this post)

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You know what’s annoying? I have this weird patch of flaky skin above my eye, on my eyelid, that must be Cort-Aid-ed if it is not to become a scaly blob of doom. Not that the Cort-Aid usually helps much, but it’s a good short-term solution to a physical imperfection. However, the sliminess factor of the ointment makes it impossible to use eye makeup beyond mascara during the two or three times per year that I actually (gasp!) wear makeup.

Tonight was one of those two or three times. The school auction, very exciting. Typically only the adults go to it, but every year the eighth graders have worked at the live auction, presenting the items for auction and doing random little skits. However, this year that didn’t happen because there was an ultimate game that conflicted, there weren’t enough chaperones, and there weren’t enough items in the live auction to merit having the class of 32 middle schoolers there to help sell the stuff. But the auction has always been a sort of initiation into the world of the adults, a commemoration that the eighth graders have survived the perils of pre-, elementary, and middle school, and are now ready to enter the “real world”. I, for one, was not willing to accept this snatching away of my rite of passage and volunteered to do something, anything, that would land me at the auction.

This all is to explain how I got to be spending about 2 1/2 hours standing in the entryway of the auction room, selling raffle tickets for $25 each. This was actually a great way to spend the afternoon/evening, because I got to say “hi” to everyone who came in without actually having to be creative in my conversation topics. Complete and total pwnage, everyone. Actually, it was; by the time I left around 7:20ish, all but 30 or 40 of the 200 tickets were sold. Okay, here is how the points tally up:

Eli gets 10 points for his fancy-schmancy — an orange pocket thingy. I’m sure if I followed men’s fashion, I would know the technical term. Also, points for having a logical discussion with me about the etymology of the term pwned.

Everyone who complimented me on my dress gets 7 points. It was this blue thingy with a black thingy and sparkly thingies. I’m sure if I followed any fashion at all, really, I would know the technical term.

Mrs. C. gets 9 points for her dress: sparkles and shiny-ness.

Whoever prepared the Brie potatoes: 39 points because, oh my God, Brie potatoes, so good. It’s been hours since I ate those potatoes and still I do not have the words to express how awesome they are.

Everyone who was polite to me when I asked them if they wanted raffle tickets, 5 points.

Everyone who was not polite to my when I asked them if they wanted raffle tickets, -5 points.

6 points to Julie (the 4th grade teacher) for listening to me rant about my little brother.

11 points to Janice because she was awesome the whole time. And also, Janice? Your dress rocked.

Everyone who bought tickets, gets one point for every one they bought. Even the family that bought 32.

Enough points for now. If there’s anyone I missed, well, you can have points too.

Just as the live auction (and the exciting part!) was starting, I had to be whisked away from my mingling (I had finished raffling) to go to church for Easter Vigil. Can you say random? I can, but I’m not going to say it out loud because it’s 11:40 at night. Sheesh.

I had a minor panic attack during processional. I know the word minor makes it seem like I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I was having  a panic attack because of all those candles. I don’t like fire much. But after that I was able to breathe again, which was nice. And I sang really nicely. The Boys and Girls Choir sang two anthems, so I’m kind of sore-throaty but not really. After Vigil (in which I was still wearing my fancy dress, because we left the auction later than intended and thus could not stop at home and change) hung out with church friends for about a millisecond before being swept off back home because the sibs were tired.

But was that the end of my evening adventures? No it was not, my friends, because Mom and I had to have a little post-church bonding time. Over angel food cake. Heh heh. Then we did Eastery things for a while (did you know that Easter is tomorrow) and then, at, like, 11:00, went back upstairs to presumably go to sleep. But did I go to sleep? No I did not, my friends, because I stayed up to blog because I just felt like I had to. Like anyone cares.

Anyways, I should probably go to sleep now, since at 8:00 Mom’s cousin and his family are coming over for Easter brunch. To my knowledge I have never met them, so I should probably put my best foot forward huh? And that would involve getting a good night’s sleep. So, adios.

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